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The Strantz Fantz Club

Updated: May 13, 2022

We love Mike Strantz golf courses and want everyone to love his courses too. We want them to prosper so his legacy survives and want their success to bring attention back to his remarkable vision for golf course design. We were devastated finding out that both Stonehouse and Royal New Kent had gone under in recent years which was multiplied by not having played either before their demise. As luck would have it, there is new life in the pipeline for both courses and our plan is to bring attention back to all his work so that an unseemly ending will never happen again.

This club is a way for us to remind as many people as we can that his imagination on a golf course was like no other and is deserving of praise and admiration alike. Please follow along on Instagram, @strantzfantzclub, as we highlight our own photos of his work as well as sending in your own, which will be credited, so we can all celebrate his brilliance. We also feel that to be a true fan club we need to have admission criteria. Let’s start simply and say anyone who has played one of his courses would fill said criteria.

(in broad, boasting tones)

“So on this day in the year 2019, we hereby declare the Strantz Fantz Club officially open for admission.”

If you want the official Strantz Fantz Club certificate, please email us at and we’ll send it out along with requirements for properly displaying said achievement.

For those of us who have completed the so-called ‘Maverick Trail’* by playing all 9 of the attributed courses, the distinct honor of ‘Maverick Status’ will be granted and again, email us at the above address and you will receive a version of the original certificate. Feel free to lord this over your buddies and their inferior golf achievements.

For those of us who have never had the honor of standing on a Mike Strantz designed property, please do so soon because as long as we keep playing and talking about these great courses, the longer we will be able to do so. Go forth and conquer and never forget to #respecttheskull.



The official course list:

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

True Blue Golf Club

Bulls Bay Golf Club

Tobacco Road Golf Club

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club

Royal New Kent Golf Club *Open for business as of 4/26/19

Monterrey Peninsula Country Club - Shore Course redesign

Silver Creek Valley Country Club - redesign

Stonehouse - anticipated opening summer 2019

*working title and admittedly could be better

**Fun fact: Tot Hill was the site of BMAC’s very first golf photo back in 2003, which was taken (on film) to spite Dooner for not being able to play that day.

The OG

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