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The Golf Crusade Course Tracker

Click on an icon in the map below to see where we've played. 
You can also search by state or course name using the dropdown menu on this page.  


Within the map you will find each courses' vital stats including:

             - Location

             - Classification (public vs private, resort, municipal, etc.)

             - Architect/Designer

             - Last time we played it

             - Crusader Rating 
             - Most importantly, most of the courses contain lots of photos 

The green golfer guy tells you it's one of our favorites. Is it one of yours?

We developed this site as a tool for the recreational golfer to learn more about places they can actually play. That doesn't mean the private courses get no love, as we'll highlight those too that may be looking for new membership. Regardless of the type of course, we wanted to give courses that don't get the love they should, some good - but honest - press, content and photos on the web for their potential customers and or members to see, soak in and share prior to visiting!

Nothing can be more irritating than searching online for a place to play and not find anything "real" with which to comparison shop. You want to see course photos, maybe read a good review and you want to know what to expect when you get there. 

We hope this site helps you the golfer find the course that suits your needs a little easier. If you're on the East Coast, well, it'll be a lot easier for you right now because frankly, that's where we play. If you're not on the East Coast - we hope you enjoy looking at some of the best of what we have to offer. We would love nothing more than to drive around in an RV and play golf everyday, but that'll have to wait until retirement. 

Until then... keep in the short stuff!

-BMAC & Dooner

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