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Mike Strantz, monterey peninsula country club

The Strantz Fantz Club

Mike Strantz designed only seven original courses and remodeled two others in his fifty short years on this Earth. This 'club' was born to highlight the work of our favorite golf course architect of all-time and to aid in the promotion (and hopefully the preservation) of his work for generations to come. 

Arguably the most polarizing course designer that ever lived, chances are good that if you've found your way to this page, you more than likely agree that his courses contain some of the most interesting - and challenging - golf holes ever created.  

Whether you're trying to figure out which one of his courses you should play first or you've played them all, we invite you to 'Join The Club' on Instagram by following @StrantzFantzClub or join us for a day at our next 'IRON MAVERICK' outing - you won't regret either, we promise! 

Click on the courses below for some fun, quick-hitting facts and a link to each course's site:

Maverick Golf Design

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Strantz Cirriculum Vitae

For years, we have been compiling a full roster of every course at which Mike Strantz ever worked. We have received significant assistance from Fazio Golf Design, from which the courses listed for that period come directly from FGD records. Others have been compiled from numerous articles and conversations with direct sources that worked with Mike. We have also included significant projects the members of Maverick Golf Design worked on after his death. 


While this is meant to be a complete list, if anyone has any documentation that can support further additions, please let us know and we'll run it down. 

Hover mouse over < arrows > on either side or hover mouse on timeline and scroll your mouse wheel to slide forward/backward in time. Click on each entry to view full image.

The Iron Maverick

In early 2019, two years after their closures, Richmond/Williamsburg area Strantz designs Royal New Kent & Stonehouse Golf Clubs, each under new and separate ownership, were scheduled to reopen. We immediately started planning a trip to play them, but paused for a moment and thought maybe there is something bigger at play here

We thought, "What if we invited folks to come play with us and do something as crazy as some of Mike's most thrilling designs?"

Fast forward to September 2019 - THE IRON MAVERICK makes its debut with nearly 50 players gathered - with a 50 year age difference that hailed from nine states - for a blend of Strantz tribute & Golf Iron Man, played on a course as tough as iron itself built by the Maverick himself. Records were broken, adrenaline was pumped and good times, no... GREAT TIMES were had by all 

 THE IRON MAVERICK II, held at the trio of South Carolina Strantz courses in September 2021, sold out in only 45 seconds and had a 200+ person waitlist within an hour. 


IRON MAVERICK III is right around the corner! This time around, we will be enjoying the fruits of the labor that the new ownership of TOT HILL FARM has invested in this Strantz Mountain Masterpiece!


Iron Maverick, mike strantz, Royal New Kent, golf logo, golf tournament
Iron Maverick 2, caledonia, true blue, bulls bay, mike strantz, golf tournament
Iron Maverick 3, tot hill farm, mike strantz, golf tournament

Legends & Myths

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