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About The Crusaders

We're not professional golfers. We are just a couple of old friends that had the same goal and decided this was a fun way to push ourselves to achieve it. We hope it might even inspire others to start a courses played list, try a new course or maybe just play a few more rounds a year. 

Regardless, we hope you enjoy, find it amusing and/or useful and come back often. 

We promise to deliver original, thoughtful and descriptive reviews of the courses we've played along with tips on the best places to play when traveling or planning a buddy trip. We'll share our passion for the game through long and short form stories, photography & humor (humorous to us at least). 

All photos and words are our own unless otherwise credited. 

Whether you are a course owner/operator and would like to have your course featured, or are the weekend hack and you just want to join us on the links to share some golf stories, please tell us about it using the form below.

Thanks! Hit'em Straight!

The Golf Crusade
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