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What if PGA Stars were WWE Superstars?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We've all seen these lists before right? If LeBron James were a WWE Superstar, who would he be? Well, Google tells me that the space for the PGA/WWE comparisons was vacant! With the biggest events of the year in their respective calendars occurring in within the same week this year, we decided the timing was perfect to fill the void in our lives!

One disclaimer - we own no rights to any of these photos/media. If any of them belongs to you, please let us know and we'll apply credit. Thank you to those that took them for allowing us to have some fun with this!

With that said, there's only one thing left to ask...

Are you ready?

Then... for the thousands not in attendance... and for our mothers reading this online a bunch of times thus bumping up our SEO without knowing what that means...


To kick off any list of this kind... you've got to start at the top, right? Here we go!

Tiger Woods | The Rock

Mount Rushmore talent that took the world by storm becoming a crossover star and cultural phenomenon. Could come back at anytime to a Beatles-like response and show the young guns what its like to go one-on-one with the GREAT ONE!

Jack Nicklaus | Hulk Hogan

Charismatic icon with beautiful golden locks & broad-shoulders that ran wild for decades. It wasn't until a generation later that people started to even question that he wasn't the greatest of all-time.

Sergio | Warrior

Household name - by one name - to those that don't even follow the sport. History will remember him more fondly than his number of championships might dictate. Known to lose temper, throw a fit or dress like a girl's bicycle.

Patrick Reed | X-Pac

No one likes him.

I mean, NO ONE!!!

Moving on.

John Daly | Scott Hall

Hey Yo! Huge talent but sadly possessed some demons just as large. Entertaining to all and still a fan favorite, even as the occasional heel. Still found signing autographs at the local run-down shopping mall or bingo hall.

Phil Mickelson | John Cena

All-time great still in search of one more major title to cap a first ballot HOF career. Half the crowd cheers wildly for him; half the crowd says he sucks.

Ladies are a big part of the sport too! Known perhaps more for looks at this point in her career, she's built an Instagram empire (click names above) that transcends her athleticism. Talent is important, but so is branding!

Gary Player | Triple H

Ambassador. Ageless. Fitness freak of nature. Could have enjoyed retirement and spoils of a legendary career, but passes along their craft and knowledge to the next crop of hopeful stars.

Arnie | Andre

A man literally larger than life itself. When his name is mentioned, its spoken with a reverence and respect reserved for not only a King, but a Giant among legends.

Dustin Johnson | Kurt Angle

Blue Chip Prospect > became a champion of and for the United States > Became the best in the world > Weird Injury > Drug Problem > Overcame demons > Comeback to become best in the world > Repeat all after Weird Injury again 6 more times.

Ian Poulter | Nikolai Volkov

Public Enemy #1 to the USA. Best heel of his generation... and he knows it!

Brooks Koepka | Goldberg

Came out of nowhere to win major titles in no time! Easily the most jacked dude in the locker room. Doesn't say much, but doesn't need to with that kind of power!

Miguel Angel Jimenez | Val Venis

Fun Fact: Val Venis retired from wrestling, took up golf & changed his name to Miguel Angel Jimenez. Prove us wrong.

Bryson DeChambeau | Konnan


You like my hat?

Want to touch it?

That's enufffffff!"

Bobby Jones | Bret Hart

The best there is.

The best there was.

The best there ever will be.


Paula Creamer | Bayley

Idol for many young girls wanting to follow her path. California born, raised and bred into the sport, now spends time wearing pink, doing charity work when not playing and giving out hugs.

Rules of Golf | Mr. McMahon

"Congratulations on your win! It was a hard fought victory.

You beat the best of the best...

Just kidding, you're disqualified & you're stripped of the championship. Hahahahahahaha!"

Bubba Watson | Stone Cold

Country boy done made it big and on his own terms. Owner of his own unorthodox style and adored by his fans, he also enjoys alternative modes of transportation while at work. Was voted "Most likely to raise hell and pound beers on the roof of the General Lee" in his high school yearbook. Loves jean shorts & overalls.

David Duval | Marty Jannetty

Riding a wave of momentum to the top, built from strong performances & fan support, got thrown through the window by the other guy in the photo above that turned out to be the GOAT. Was never the same again. *Unless you're a big 1980s old-school WWF fan, you probably don't get that one, sorry. Video of 'The Barber Shop' segment will help!

And finally...

We had to go to the World Long Drive Tour to find the perfect fit for the stylin', profilin', wheelin', dealin', kiss stealin', son of a gun... He does such of good job of explaining why he's the 16-time World Champ, we'll let him tell you!

Maurice Allen | Ric Flair

Thanks for visiting! Subscribe above and comment below on who we missed or who you would pair. Nothing says we can't do this again! Add us to your favorites, follow us on Instagram / Facebook and become part of our Golf Crusade!

Cheers, Dooner @GolfCrusade

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