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POLL: Who is on your Mount Rushmore of Golf Course Architects?

Updated: May 13, 2022

Harbour Town Golf Links Augusta National Tobacco Road Holston Hills Pete Dye Jack Nicklaus Alister McKenzie Bobby Jones Mike Strantz Donald Ross Tom Doak
Modern vs Classic. Icon vs Icon. Vote below for your Mount Rushmore of Golf Course Architects!

By now, you have seen #TigerWoods savage yet honest assessment of who is on his Golf Mount Rushmore. If not, (where have you been?) here you go...

Case closed, Tiger!!! Denzel would be proud! "My man!"

However much truth this was, it undoubtedly got every golf buddy text chain in the country asking the same question... who is on your Mount Rushmore of golf? We had some answers too:

BMAC - Jones, Hogan, Palmer, Woods
Dooner - Jones, Jack, Tiger & Donald Ross

"Interesting Pick." -BMAC

The wheels got spinning. Of course, before you knew it we were arguing over who should be on the Mount Rushmore of Golf Course Architects? Without a consensus, we put it to you folks!

Now listen, we couldn't put every dude with a bulldozer and 20 acres for a par 3 course on here. We tried to select some of the most well known and prosperous architects over all the different 'ages' of course design. If you want to be "that guy" that selects 'Other', then please add your thoughts on who it should be in the comment section below.

Without further ado, vote by clicking on the FOUR course architects that would go on your Mount Rushmore!

Thanks for voting! Check back often to see how the results change and check out the rest of the site while you're here!

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