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GALLERY | Royal New Kent Golf Club

Updated: Jun 3

How do you describe a work of art to someone who has never seen a particular piece? Sure, that person has seen other forms of art before, but perhaps this installation is a bit different, bolder in nature. You know it is one of a kind when you see it, but will your detailing of the sculpture or painting do it justice enough?

Royal New Kent, Golf Course, Sunrise, Mike Strantz, Williamsburg, Virginia, Richmond, Golf
Two brushes created this masterpiece: an ink pen and a bulldozer; courtesy of the late, great Mike Strantz

No. It will not.

The only thing that will allow the other person to feel what you might is to get up close and personal with it. Or of course look at a couple hundred photos to feel your way around the course as if it were being narrated by Morgan Freeman. Or maybe not...

Still, what is it you say to someone that has never played a Mike Strantz golf course?

"You have to see it to believe it."

Who wouldn't want to play a course that won Golf Digest's Best New Upscale Course in America back in 1997 and was just honored by Golf Inc., having been named the runner-up (we demand a RECOUNT!) in the Best Renovation category for 2019-20.

Royal New Kent, Golf Course, Mike Strantz, Williamsburg, Virginia, Richmond, Golf

If you haven't ventured yet to Royal New Kent Golf Club, located in the Southeast corner of Virginia, halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg, then buckle in and prepare to "Golf Ireland in Virginia".

And since words are futile in describing a course like this, please enjoy the story as we see saw it - from tee to green | hole by hole - on the day we brought a few friends with us during The Iron Maverick in 2019.

Enjoy the story.


Royal New Kent, Golf Course, Mike Strantz, Williamsburg, Virginia, Richmond, Golf

HOLE 1 - PAR 4

HOLE 2 - PAR 5

HOLE 3 - PAR 3

HOLE 4 - PAR 4

HOLE 5 - PAR 5

HOLE 6 - PAR 4

HOLE 7 - PAR 3

HOLE 8 - PAR 4

HOLE 9 - PAR 4

HOLE 10 - PAR 5

HOLE 11 - PAR 4

HOLE 12 - PAR 3

HOLE 13 - PAR 4

HOLE 14 - PAR 4

HOLE 15 - PAR 3

HOLE 16 - PAR 4