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Partners & Friends

These are courses, properties, brands, products or events for which we have rendered services including photography, testimonials, social media, marketing & event support... or we just like them a whole lot!

Urban Life

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Gals & Pals

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Lost Soles

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Running Suits

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Friends of the Show...

"Cue the music, Paul!"

Take a minute to visit some favorites, some friends and some inspirations for our little site... 

Friendly, conversational, and a little bit of good-natured ribbing around informative golf talk. Their goal is to help grow the game of golf and the businesses around the game. Sounds like a good plan to us! 

Excellent resource for fans of world travel and history. Factual, topical, thoughtful and well-written. Two pretty awesome people too!


Changing the world... one t-shirt at a time! Simple, motivational, positive messages that can make a difference in less than two seconds! 

Dude can flat out work a camera! If you want tips on digital photography or just experience what its like to hike places you'd only dream about seeing, this photo blog is for you! 

This site hasn't been updated in years, but if you're looking for a Kentucky-centric version of our site, this is it. Moe & Ron really provided the framework for what became our project

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